Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Interview Tip: Ask for the Job

One of the mistakes a lot of job seekers make towards the end of a job interview is that they don't ask for the job.  Many employers - precise numbers unknown - like candidates asking if they have got the job - it shows a level of keenness that other candidates who don't pose the question demonstrate.

The worst thing an employer will say to a candidate brave enough to ask directly is 'no' (which they would have done anyway), or 'we need time to think about it''... but not asking to be considered as the interview winds up can lead an employer to mistakenly think you no longer want it. So, before you leave your next job interview, make sure you  let the employer know you still want it - perhaps even want it even more so than before - now that you've learned more about the employer and the position, and ask if you can have the job!

Ask for it in any way which seems appropriate, and for which you are totally comfortable asking, especially if you really do want the job! Direct (though I personally would find that off-putting), thinly concealed as a joke (but could also be perceived that you aren't that serious too), as an innocent little statement that plants the seed in the employers mind - something along the lines of, "I really hope I'll receive a phone call from you offering me the job".

What's the worst that can happen if you do?  What's probably going to happen if you don't?

Just know that employer feedback has found that Hiring Managers are more likely to offer the job to someone who has asked than one that hasn't.