Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Purpose of a Resume

Did you know...?

The PURPOSE of a resume (and cover letter) is not to get you the job, but to get you invited to an interview.

The PURPOSE of an interview is so employer can make a decision.

The resume and cover letter are tools which need to lead an employer to assume that you would be a good candidate for the role, causing them to want to learn more about you... enough for them to invite you to an interview.

The interview presents you with the ideal situation and increased opportunity for you to further sell your skills, experiences, interests and attributes... so that when the employer is ready to make a decision to hire a person, they choose is you over all other candidates.

As the Meerkat in the ad says, 'Simples!'

In order for your application to do its job well, your resume and cover letter MUST address the employers needs and wants for the role; that means, not just including all the right information but also not including any details that will cause them to decide against you before you've had a chance to meet them.

To achieve this, your resume needs to:
* be professional in presentation and content
* be targeted to the position / employer / industry
* address employer wants and needs
* only contain relevant, current details
* showcase your best skills, experience and attributes in under five (5) seconds

Think of jobsearch in sales terms:  You are the salesperson; and the product that you want your customer (the employer) to purchase is yourself. You need to get past the gatekeepers so you can meet with the decision maker: You have one opportunity to convince the gatekeeper to let you meet the decision maker, and you have one opportunity to convince that decision maker that your product is the best in town from all the many competitors. Sometimes, the gatekeeper and decision maker is the same person - this is often the case with small business.

Okay, Salesperson: How are you going to sell yourself?  The key is to know your purpose(s), and put your best self forward, always.

It can take time to learn how best to sell 'I'm the right person for the job' to employers in person and on paper, but it is 1. a skill that can be learned, and 2. is well worth every bit of time and effort you put into learning how to 'get it right' because the reward is gaining employment. Those that learn quickly, get quickest results!

You will find lots of useful tips at this site.  Why not have a look around; you might learn something that will give you the competitive edge for the type of work you are trying to gain!

Best of luck!