Monday, 27 January 2014

What are your achievements? Here's one of mine.

Hey Everyone,

As a Jobsearch Trainer I am always sprouting the need for jobseekers to value their achievements and accomplishments.

For those of you who have found this blog by not clicking a post I have shared with a local Facebook Jobseeking Group, I want to share one of my own, personal little achievements.

Late December / early January I wanted to update the look of my blog website away from the 'amateurish-looking' blogger template I was using so I could simplify and freshen the look.  I decided that I should learn to create my own website banner, and after lots of Google searches and YouTube video watching, I created the simple website banners that you can see on the blog right now.

I was very proud of my effort and the look achieved.

Last week, I was on Facebook and I came across a Group with a banner containing the rules rather than the Admin pinning a post, and I thought it might be a good idea for the different, local Facebook Jobseeking group where I often hang out to provide help and assistance. I messaged the Admin of the jobseeking one, got the all clear and then using the key messages from its pinned post I designed a banner for the group, which you see below:

Anyway, I am happy to tell you that I am proud of how the simple banner turned out!

Why am I so proud of it?  Well, apart from the wonderful expressions of appreciation by some group members (which made my day), I see that the banner showcases quite nicely that I have a good eye for creating simple, attractive layouts.  And, I think it also showcases my ability to write well constructed sentences that get the message across to the reader.

The colours are not exactly my favourite, seeing as I am a person who usually enjoys pinks, blues and purples; so I think my use of combining colours that aren't to my particular tastes demonstrates that I don't have to inflict my personality and style into things I create in a limiting way (e.g. only through the colours I like). I was able to use the wording and layout to show that I like documents to have a crisp and fresh style (which is one of the reasons my resumes are usually so well praised).

We all have moments big and small when we gain satisfaction for having accomplished something above and beyond what we usually do.  

What are yours, and more importantly, do you appreciate and value them as much as you should?

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