Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Cover Letters

Hi Everyone,

A couple of jobseekers have asked me about writing cover letters recently.

I have one key rule when it comes to cover letters: always write a tailored cover letter for every position you apply for.

Just because a job advertisement doesn't state for you to write one doesn't mean that you can miss completing this essential step in applying for a job.

What do you include in a cover letter?

Actually, I'm currently working on writing a tutorial on how to write effective cover letters which will be released later this year, so  I won't go into all the finer details in this post today, but for now, just treat a cover letter is just like any other business letter that you might write, and include:

* details of the sender
* details of the recipient
* the date
* a Salutation (Greeting)
* an introductory paragraph discussing the purpose for writing (applying for the job)
* a paragraph or two discussing your key skills and history addressing employer wants and needs
* a closing paragraph providing details on how you can be contacted and giving a call to action (inviting the employer to contact to arrange an interview)
* closing salutation (Yours faithfully, Kind Regards etc).
* your name or signature
* details of any attachments

It depends on the employer whether they read the cover letter and then decide to look at your resume too if they are interested, or look at your resume and then read your cover letter to help decide if they are interested in you as a candidate.  Either way the employer does it, you are standing out in a good way if you send both a cover letter and resume - you will be surprised at how many jobseekers don't.

Happy jobsearching.


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