Saturday, 1 March 2014

Read the Job Ad properly

Hi Everyone,

I've noticed when I recently helped a business acquaintance to hire a part time admin and accounts person, and again in two of the jobseeker forums that I offer advice to that when opportunities are listed, people start responding asking questions that the answer to has already been given.

Please, everyone:  Stop, and think before you act.

Read the Job Ad properly, read the full post and its comments to check that other people haven't already asked the same or a similar question.

When you ask a question that has been asked already, especially when that question has been asked and answered multiple times, you aren't going to make any favourable impression in the mind of the employer (or forum members who can also read your query) - who is just going to react by thinking 'don't you read?' (which is negative criticism.)

I understand that when jobs are advertised in a live forum, like in a Facebook group, time is of the essence in getting your resume to the employer so that yours is in their hands and in contention well before the employer or recruiter closes off applications which is often quicker than usual, but this is why it is important that you as a jobseeker actively check for new listings on your favourite job boards and forums every single day (and I would even say, twice a day* for listings that are posted to a live forum), so you don't miss out on opportunities and don't have to race to try to beat a loudly ticking clock to get your application in.

*If you can't go online to check twice a day, perhaps buddy up with another forum member and ask them to tag you if they see a job ad they think you might be interested in so you get a notification from your name having been mentioned.

My aim here is not to embarrass or criticise people who have made this jobseeking mistake, but to instead teach jobseekers the art of better jobsearch practices.

Making a good first impression is so important to your success or failure in getting a job, and so is maintaining a good impression throughout the rest of the hiring process, so please, please don't make this mistake - instead get off to a good start in creating a good first impression by reading the job ad properly, and then stop and think before acting upon asking them that question and consider the impact your doing so will have upon the employer and ultimately whether your proceeding with asking a question will leave a good impression, or not. Is the question really that important? Do you really need to ask it now?  Would the question be better off asked during a face to face interview?

If in doubt, don't proceed with asking it.

Happy, successful jobseeking!


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