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D.I.Y Resume: Content Builder Template

D.I.Y Resume Builder Template

D.I.Y Resume Content Builder

Avoid wasting months sending off job application after job application using a resume that hiring managers toss - after giving it only a cursory glance - straight onto their rejection pile!

Cause hiring managers to give proper consideration about you as a potential candidate for their vacancy, or you are wasting their time - and your own.

For those of you who don't have a resume, aren't sure how to create one and cannot afford to hire a resume writer, this is the solution for you! 

I created a Resume Content Builder about ten years ago when I first started creating resumes for clients, which I  still use today when I consult with resume writing clients.  I understand not all jobseekers can afford to hire a resume writer or get their resume assessed, so have made my Resume Content Builder template available to help you write your own market effective resume.

What will you find inside?

The Ebook is only 14-pages in length, but has been carefully designed to help you record the most crucial skills and experience details for the type of work you are applying for, so that when you are ready to create your resume in your word processor, you have everything at hand and can concentrate on getting your details typed up.

Even if you don't know how to type, the D.I.Y Resume Content Builder template will allow you to record those essential details for you to hand your filled out template to a Typing service to type up for you.

Printed out, D.I.Y Resume Content Builder allows you to 'double up' to start creating a Career Portfolio, where you can capture details of your job(s) while you are employed  so that when the time comes for you to update your resume, you don't have to spend hours trying to remember all the little but important details you've forgotten from jobs you did years ago. Every six months, simply spend an hour or two updating your career portfolio, and you'll find skills and workplace examples that you can use to nail that interview.

Affordable? Yes!
Easy to Use? Yes!
Value for Money? Yes!

If you agree that $4.99 is a small price to pay for taking the pain of writing your resume content away for the rest of your working life, then click on the Buy Now button below, now.

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Need to know a bit more?

Okay, how about a sneak peek at what is inside then?
As you can see, there are check boxes that you can tick and generous space where you can fill in your section details.  And, you only include in your final document the sections that are relevant to you and the type of work you are applying for!

Just the template you need? 
It should be! D.I.Y Resume Content Builder is the right type of resume template you need to create an original resume that gets you results, because it contains the required Sections and space for you to record your answers and thus create the unique and tailored content employers want to receive without looking or reading like any of the free templates littered around the internet that recruiters are so used to seeing (and which they immediately toss aside to the rejection pile). 

In short, this blank D.I.Y Resume Content Builder template guides you how to build an effective unique resume which recruiters want to see and is available now for instant download purchase.

It gets quick results! 
I have consistently found that my jobseekers get quicker results in gaining a job after I have created their resume for them, and now, so soon after I released my template customers who have purchased the template are reporting that their jobsearch has changed for the better too! 

One of my Facebook Jobsearch Group clients purchased the D.I.Y Resume Content Builder template the day after I released it, and a week and a half later, this returning to the paid workforce mum posted details to the group of her finally getting a job - she found the job advertisement listed in the jobsearch group and after months of only rejection emails and no invitations to interviews, she used the advice offered at this blog in conjunction with the D.I.Y template and in a couple of hours reworked her non-performing resume into something that now caused employers to want to interview her. 

Months of frustration and rejection quickly turned her jobsearch to that of getting the results from her efforts and she successfully did this within the price range she could only afford!

And the great news is: YOU can get jobsearch success like this, too!

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