Saturday, 10 May 2014

Your Online Behaviour in Jobsearch Groups


No matter how much you would like to tick someone off, share your negative opinion or criticize a person or post for whatever reason, when in a public forum where jobseekers and employers congregate ALWAYS present yourself in a positive and favorable manner. It can make all the difference between you getting a job or not, now and into the future: Employers often lurk inside the group well before they are ready to reveal their presence or vacancy. And they are paying a lot closer attention then you do.

Will YOUR in-group words or behaviors come back to bite you on the butt? Are YOU going to miss out on job simply because an employer noticed how or perceived you to have pestered other forum members, asked ridiculously petty questions about vacancy listings, and consistently demonstrated your negative personality traits?

How many of this audience is an employer, or is a person who could refer this jobseeker to a job?

No matter what the position level and type you are hoping to gain, ALWAYS act like a professional: the ONLY time and place to vent or grumble is OFFLINE and ONLY to close, trustworthy family and friends.

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