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Jobsearch Application Tracker

Jobsearch Application Organiser / Tracker

Jobsearch Application Organiser Tracker
Are you struggling to manage your jobsearch?  Do you need a spreadsheet so that you can keep yourself organised?

Well, I now have two spreadsheets available for purchase: a basic and a premium version.

But first, a little background story...

I first created a jobsearch application log spreadsheet for myself about five years ago when I was working in a role that took me over an hour to get to each way.  With the long work hours and then the additional travel time on top of that, I found myself feeling constantly tired and exhausted as well as missing spending time with my family. So, when I had been with the company for twelve months, I started looking for another job closer to home.

Actually, I became so tired at one point that I completely forgot about a job interview that I had been invited to attend - even though I was interested in the job - because the potential employer invited me a week and a half before they wanted me to attend, and I got so busy it slipped my mind. When I realised I had shockingly missed the interview, I couldn't believe it: my friends and employers are usually the first to say that one of my key strengths is  how well organised I am! And, in my job, on a daily basis, I streamlined procedures and created tailored Microsoft Word documents or Excel spreadsheets to increase mine and or the team's efficiency in relation to often repeated work tasks that consistently earned me good staff performance evaluations from management, workplace recognition awards and or small bonus gift payments. So how could I, Miss Organised, miss out on attending a job interview I wanted to go to!?!

After that embarrassing mistake, I was determined to never let an oversight caused by my fatigue ever occur again! And that weekend created a jobsearch application tracker for my own use in Microsoft Excel. Once it was up and running, I emailed to myself so that I could apply for jobs during my lunch hour at work and or on weekends in the comfort of my own home - so I would never miss out on what could have been the perfect, higher paying work that I like doing (more than the current role) only five minutes away from home like that missed interview role had been, and so I could enter in the information as I applied for the roles.

When I first started using it, I had just started with a single worksheet to track the applications I sent off.  But before long, I had created additional worksheets so that I could keep a record of other aspects to my job searching as the ideas and needs came to me.  These included a To Do list section (I always write and use one!), copies of job advertisements (so I could write a tailored cover letter without having to print out the job advertisement) and even record the expenses I incurred in relation to my looking for work. I used my jobsearch application tracker, and then once I gained my new job, I simply stopped using the file (though, in hindsight, I should have kept on using it - but more on that later).

Then, a month or so ago, a couple of jobseekers from the groups I participate in as well as a few of my resume clients all happened to mention to me at around the same time their struggles in staying organised within their job searching.  Naturally, being someone who easily just creates forms and spreadsheets whenever I need them, I suggested to each of them that they should just create a jobsearch applications tracker spreadsheet to help them manage themselves like I had once done.  But, my suggestion was met similar horrified exclaims of, 'I barely know how to enter details into an Excel spreadsheet, let alone know how I would go about creating one from scratch!"

And finally - yes, I was a little slow in making the mental connection - I realised that perhaps I should just recreate the spreadsheet I once used and offer it as yet another resource within my business. I have since spent the last couple of weeks creating, formatting and testing out the spreadsheet to get it to a point where I am happy with it.

So, today, I am finally releasing two versions of my Jobsearch Application Tracker - a basic version for those who aren't really good with computers which just contains the absolute essential worksheets so that they can track their submissions, create a to do list and manage their contacts, as well as a premium version for those who do know how to use a computer and or who want to manage as much as they possibly can related to their jobsearch, like expenses, weekly goals, interviews, online accounts and so much more on top of the basic version inclusions.

The Basic Version
Jobsearch Application Organiser Tracker_Sneak Peek of WorksheetsThe basic version has each of the worksheets you can see in this image: a 2014 and 2015 Calendar, where you will be able to record 'snapshot' information like interviews gained or appointments booked on the relevant day each month, a To Do list, and worksheets to track your job applications submitted and personal contacts.

Jobsearch Appllication Organiser Tracker_Sneak Peek of Contact worksheetThe spreadsheet allows you to track where you have sent your resume off to, what phone calls you have made and lets you filter your entries so that you can plan your future jobsearch activities.

Jobsearch Application Organiser Tracker_Sneak Peek of To Do list
Filtering allows you to drill down your information so you can see what applications you need to send off, what you jobs and people you need to follow up with, and what applications have been finalised.  If you are in receipt of unemployment benefits, you can print out a record of your applications quickly and easily to demonstrate you are meeting your looking for work requirements.

Password protected, you can enter your personal information with the piece of mind that family and friends can't view your information if you don't want them to - and you can take store the tracker on a USB to use on any computer such as at your Job Network Provider without risk of your private and confidential information be accessed by unauthorised person's.

Price: USD $1.99
To purchase the basic version, simply click on this Buy Now button for instant download.

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The Premium Version
The premium version, on the other hand, is a lot more powerful than the basic version.You not only get everything that is in the basic version, but you also get ten more useful worksheets.

Like the Basic version, you get worksheets that have a 2014 and 2015 Calendar and to help you manage your Goals and Jobsearch Achievements, there is a weekly Summary & Goals worksheet that you can print out.

Jobsearch Application Organiser Tracker_Sneak Peek at Interview FormIn the purple sections, is a To Do list, Submissions, calls made and interviews trackers.
Jobsearch Application Organiser Tracker_Sneak Peek at Submissions worksheet
There is a Printables tab, which has two forms that you can print out (if you are with a Job Network Provider) to firstly carry the details of any interviews you have been invited to but not yet attended, so you know exactly where you need to go and who you need to ask for on arrival. The other form is the essential information that your provider will require when you gain a job.

In the pale orange section, you will find a few more worksheets - quick information about yourself that you often have to advise others, such as your Centrelink customer reference number, who your provider is and much more.  And then there are the Accounts worksheets, to help you manage the details of your online accounts usernames and passwords and worksheets to help you keep track of your contacts, your workplace achievements, job ads that you are working on, your income and expenses and a journal to record your jobsearch journey and or take notes for when you research the industry, employers and positions.

In short, the premium version allows you to track your submissions, calls, interviews, accounts, contacts, and expenses, and allows you to filter your results so you make the most out of your time spent towards job searching.

Ultimately, those that invest in the time to keep their jobsearch organised usually find that they are able to save time in the long run, as they can identify important events and tasks.

Price: USD$4.99
To purchase the premium version, you will need to click on this Buy Now button.

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