Thursday, 29 October 2015

Where's Char?

I've received a few emails over the last month asking where I have disappeared to. Thank you for your concern. I have sort of disappeared, haven't I?

That's because I injured myself and am in constant pain (until I can have surgery - which could still be a few more months away). Unfortunately, my injuries (and the pain) severely limit my ability to write and type at this time.

I can handle having injuries, but this not being able to do much writing or typing is absolutely killing me! I've tried speech recognition software, but unfortunately, my voice and the software have not yet become a compatible match, because what appears onscreen is nothing like what I actually state, so I can't 'cheat'.

So, thank you for asking. I drop by occasionally to do an update or post when I'm up to it, and once I've had the surgery and recovered I'll be back with renewed motivation. Until next time, happy and frustration-free job seeking!

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