Saturday, 11 January 2014

2 Great jobsearching articles that are must reads

As a Jobsearch Trainer, I am always looking to keep abreast of technology advancements and industry trends, and I am a big believer of developing good strategies to help get faster and easier jobsearch results.

Yesterday I signed up for Twitter (after much resistance - because I already have so much on my plate that yet another Social Media tool will absorb more of my time and attention away from other things - so was just exploring with intention of deactivating if it will just waste my time best spent doing other things) and last night I was exploring how to use it both using the desktop and the mobile app.

I came across the following Tweets that lead me to two decent articles that I probably wouldn't have found otherwise, so I will be keeping my Twitter account.  Both of these articles are really useful for job seekers, so please read them and see if they will help you with your job searching.

The first article is about how to use Google search engine to gain specific job searching results, and can be found here.

The second is an article that is about how to use Twitter for job searching purposes, and can be found here.

I followed the hashtag #Jobsearch and learned that the current trend in the American labour market has seen a significant swing towards recruiters using Social Media to seek and research staff.  It appears that a couple of years ago, this was reserved for Executive level positions and has resulted in higher employer satisfaction of candidates chosen that it is now filtering its way down to lower level positions and is fast becoming the way employers find and make hiring decisions.  I have seen a similar sort of trend happening with Australian recruiters, so it is really important to ensure that your profiles won't inadvertently cause you to be eliminate from consideration without your knowledge - as one of the many Tweeters I read suggested: 'Now your first impressions are being left all over the place for any savvy recruiter to find'.

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