Monday, 13 January 2014

Instead of an Infographic, why not make a Resumegraphic!

In the Twitter and Blogging worlds, bloggers for personal interests and business are all citing that 2014 will see even more businesses turning to Social Media to connect with customers.  The key social media big names like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Linked In are the Top 5 favourites.

The emerging trend for bloggers and business is the creating and promoting of Infographics.

As more and more businesses are starting to abandon traditional hiring methods in favour of using Social Media ones, how can social media savvy jobseekers get themselves before potential employers before their competition catches on?   Why not create a Resume Graphic... or what I am going to start calling a #Resumegraphic (still an infographic, but with a jobseeking twist to it).

Here is a quick and short Resumegraphic I have created for a Jobseeker I know looking for work as a Childcare Worker:

Created by Char Mesan Job Training
Childcare Worker Resumegraphic

What do you think? 

I chose the blue and pink theme deliberately because of its associations with babies and young children, and I picked the fonts and font size so the key message 'Hire Me' stands out even if the image is a Thumbnail.

Of course, not all industries will need cute images; as with any type of Infographic the key is to be workplace appropriate.

For Jobseekers, the important aspect will be to ensure the words 'Hire Me' or 'Looking for Work' are readable across the different platforms (e.g. computer, tablet, phone), and have your profile promoting that you are looking for work.

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