Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Answering Interview Questions: What have been your achievements to date?

Hi Everyone,

We all know that a Job Interview is an opportunity for you to further demonstrate how your skills, experiences and personality can meet the employer needs, so today I am going to discuss how to answer the Question 'What have been your achievements to date?'

The reason employers ask this question is it can provide them with insight into your level of being a high-performer so they can form a picture of how result-driven and goal oriented you are, and determine whether this aligns with company and position expectations. and guess what, if your resume includes details your workplace achievements, then you already have material to provide and expand upon in the interview.

If your resume doesn't include your workplace achievements for your previous positions held, then I have one big question for you, jobseeker: Why haven't you got them in there?

(And please don't tell me that it is because you don't have achievements!)

If your previous roles have had KPIs, KRAs, company set targets, volume expectations or service deadlines, then think about how you achieved them.  What actions did you take to achieve them, did you met them, did you exceed them. Compared to your colleagues, did you outshine them in any way?

What things within your work environment do you have to brag about? Remember, job interviews are one of the only times when you discussing how good you are at something is not going to be thought of as arrogant.

If your previous position didn't carry KPIs, KRAs or other performance targets, then you can discuss how you meet other job expectations, especially any situation that carried a risk of failure.

Did you receive any awards or bonuses?

Your Achievements are valuable. Treasure them
These are your achievements and accomplishments: Know them; be ready and confident to tell employers about them - you have an audience that wants you to discuss these details! Yes they will judge you... and form a positive opinion about your worth to their company.

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