Char's Services

Char Mesan Job Training, aside from providing with you free articles and resources to help you gain job search success, also offers the following paid Job Training solutions:

  • Resume Writing
  • Resume Assessment
  • Jobsearch Consultations
  • Social Media and Online presence reviews
  • Typing
  • Vocational Training 
  • Document Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar check
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1. Resume Writing Service

"If you don't have the skills, interest, capability or time to do the work yourself, find someone who does; and pay them to help you out so you both win." Unknown

If you do not have a resume, and don't have any idea what information you should include then you probably need the services of a professional resume writer so you can begin your job-searching.

I specialise in assisting job seekers with barriers to employment, such as returning to the workforce parents, school leavers, those undertaking career changes, clients with poor English speaking and writing skills and or with little employment history; but I also have the skills to create resumes for higher level positions as well.

To arrange for an appointment for me to come out and meet you in the comfort and security of your own home environment (or other place), you will need to book a one hour appointment, so I can then work with you to identify the skills and experiences you possess for the type of work you will be applying for.  I will then write the content and create your brand new resume in Microsoft Word and work with you until we are both happy with a final draft. My focus is on writing a custom written, YOUnique and employer-tailored resume, specific for the type of work you seek to gain, not in creating a generic resume that is used for different types of jobs - because those types of resumes do not get you invited to interviews and keep you unemployed much longer than is necessary.

For clients living further away and or in other countries, I am happy to consult via Skype.

In summary:
We meet, I ask you lots of questions and take detailed notes and then I do all the work in writing the first draft which I email back to you, usually within 48 hours unless otherwise agreed upon. Payment is required at the end of the consultation, unless otherwise negotiated.  You then provide me feedback about any changes you think should be made, and proofread (because two eyes casting a critical eye over a document is always better than just one).  We keep emailing each other and I make necessary alterations (or let you know why I disagree from a hiring perspective with doing that) until you have the resume we are both happy with - my goal is to help you get invites to interviews and I will always focus on achieving that, but you get the final say for everything.

Cost: AUD $160.00

2. Resume Assessment 

"When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves" -Anthony J. D'Angelo

Not all job-seekers need to have a resume created from scratch; but equally, most jobseekers believe their existing resume is really well written, set out correctly, and will be effective in getting them an interview when it is not.

I find most clients do already have a 'useable-enough' resume and are generally just looking for or are in need of a bit of advice from someone with industry expertise to help them turn that ordinary resume into one that is so much better and will increase their chance of gaining interviews. These clients don't need or want a full resume writing service, they just need their resume to help them stand out (in a good way), they need to know if their resume is as well written, set out and effective as they believe.

With a Rescue-my-Resume Review, the Principal of Char Mesan Job Training will look over the client's existing resume(s) with a critical professional eye, and nicely report back on a range of considerations, including the resumes style, content, presentation, whether there are any elements that need to be included, whether there are any included elements that should / can be removed.  This service is suitable for all job seekers who are capable of fixing up their own resumes.

Char Mesan's Rescue-my-Resume Reviews are considered so useful that Char Mesan Job Training has even had other Employment Consultants (who create client resumes as part of their role) engage in this service!

In summary:
You email me your resume and payment, and I then use the checklist that I have developed to ensure I consistently and thoroughly review your resume from every possible different angle imaginable, and I provide advice, reasons and sometimes even instructions, so that you can fix the resume up yourself.  I am able to keep the cost of this service to a minimum because we are not meeting face to face.  And once you have finished making changes to your resume, I am more than happy to have another look at it to make sure you haven't inadvertently introduced new 'issues' in the fix up.

Cost: AUD $90.00 - Resume
         AUD $40.00 - Cover Letter

Note.  If my resume writing and resume assessment services are simply out of your affordability, please check out my D.I.Y Resume Content Builder template page, as this is a deliberate low-cost solution to guide and help those on extremely tight budgets to create a better resume, and is available as an instant download.  

3. Social Media Assessments - NEW SERVICE - Special Introductory Price
Most industries in city and metro areas of Australia are in an Employers Market phase rather than a Jobseekers Market.  This means there are more jobseekers seeking to gain the specific type of work on offer than there are vacancies.  Because of this, employers and recruitment agencies can afford to be 'picky' about who they'll consider - many are even prepared to leave a position vacant rather than fill their role with an 'any old candidate will have to do' type mentality.

Employers and recruiters want (and can afford to wait to get ) the best person they can get. They look at potential candidates in much closer detail than previously, which modern technology aids. Most employers and recruiters, if they are interested in you for their role, perform Social Media profile checks and other online research to learn more about who you really are - they no longer just accept the jobseekers word, or their referees, they want to see for their own selves.

It is therefore imperative that your online and social media 'appearances' are consistent with the good impression you created via your resume and cover letter.

Don't let your social media profiles and online presence be the secret cause of you missing out on getting a job offer - before you start getting invites to interviews, get me to research your online presence, and report back to you on the impression employers and recruiters will gain - so you can take the necessary steps to resolve any problems that will cause their 'no' decision.

In Summary:
I'll research your online presence and let you know if your online presence supports a positive, neutral or negative impression for employers and recruiting managers.

Introductory Price: AUD$50.00  (until 30 June 2014)

4. Resume Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar check
As a writer and having undertaken a proofreading course, I possess stronger than the average jobseekers' skills in how to correctly spell, punctuate and compose sentences; and as a resume writer, I know where and when 'the usual' writing rules can and should be broken.

If you do not have good spelling, punctuation and grammar skills and don't have someone who can check your resume and cover letters for you, don't send off your application riddled with errors. Instead, contact me immediately to check and correct your spelling, punctuation, and grammar for you - so hiring managers don't cull your application without giving it proper consideration.

Cost: $10 per A4 page (regardless of how much text appears on the page)