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Got a (non-urgent) job search related question that you want/need answered by an employment professional? I am happy to answer such questions AT NO COST when I have a spare moment.

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If you just want to connect with me to ask questions relating to the services I provide, or even to suggest topics that you would like to see covered in any of the articles I post, then drop me a comment. Again, you can use either the Contact Form, or head across to my Char Mesan Facebook page.

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Below you will find a list of the common questions I am repeatedly asked about Char Mesan Job Training services. 


1. Could you please explain your Resume Assessment service?
The Resume Lookover service is essentially a Resume Critique or Resume Doctor service. I use a 149+point checklist guide that I developed from my professional experience as a resume writer and employment consultant, so that I can assess every element of a client's resume thoroughly and consistently. When I find new 'issues' I haven't previously come across before, I add the issue to the checklist, so that it is always growing - you wouldn't believe some of the 'issues' that I assess that most resume writers wouldn't even think about.

I receive a copy of the client's resume (electronic version preferred, so I can assess for hidden formatting problems undetectable on a print version) which I print out and mark up as I work through the checklist. I number each mark-up directly onto the client's resume using Comments which is returned to them as well as detailed, specific instructions: I don't just tell the client what is wrong, I include advice/offer suggestions on what needs to be done and how they can improve or fix the problem.

It is fully up to the client to decide whether to make the changes or not (but most see the benefit in my suggestions and implement them all, with great result!)

I like to receive a copy of the revised resume so I can check that my instructions have not been misunderstood, and to ensure that no problems have been created as a result of the fix up.

2. What payment methods do you accept?
Thank you for appreciating that my services are worthy of payment!  I happily accept PayPal, direct deposit and cash, and commence the work once payment has been received. I issue Receipts for payments received (though, please note that at this stage I am not registered for G.S.T. so cannot issue clients with Tax Invoices).

2. Why don't you have samples of your work posted on the website?
I don't provide samples for a few reasons: mainly, as resumes contains private details for my clients, I would need their permission before I could use their resume as an example; even for the ones who have given me permission to show their resume as a sample, with scammers and copyright thieves so rampant on the internet, I have concerns that posting samples could result in the information being misused.  Finally, my clients have paid for a personalised and fully tailored resume; I don't use resume templates and, as such, I don't want people searching the web and then copying that clients resume - the wording and content, the structure, or the presentation - thus losing my client the job search advantage I have helped them gain.

What I do instead is to take the lovely portfolio of before and after resumes that I have created with me to an initial Consultation appointment, and the client is free to look through it and can be reassured of the quality and uniqueness of the resumes I create, and ask any questions they might have before the service begins.

Non Service-related Questions

The Employment Services industry.
A reader sent through a question asking how the Employment Services industry work, which was answered here in this blog post.

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A site visitor asked: 'Where did you get those nice Social Media Sharing buttons from?' Yes, they are nice, aren't they. I found them while browsing the internet - they were free and permitted to be used by business and personal blogs by Graphics Fuel, which you can check out at:

Please, keep the questions coming!  Thank you.