Feedback from people I have helped

I work really hard to provide my clients with a positive experience and help them get good results, so it always delights me when clients appreciate the help or assistance I have given them, whether that is advised to me directly, or not.

I'd like to share with you some of the comments I have received since I started this business in August 2014. There are more that I haven't included here, but I can tell you that it truly makes my day and causes me to smile every time I learn that in a small or large way I directly cause someone to get excited by their jobsearch result!

D.I.Y Resume Content Builder is getting fast results!

My D.I.Y Resume Content Builder, released only a week and a half at the time this feedback was written on the Facebook Group wall, received quick jobsearch success and public praise from the female jobseeker who bought the Content Builder booklet the day after its release. She obviously used the template to revise her resume as intended and to good effect, which led to her gaining that job she applied for!

Resume Writing Clients from Local Telephone Directory listing

I advertise my business on True Local Directory, which you can find here to see for yourself. The following three clients left these written reviews:

          Anthony D wrote:
          "Great resume skills, job within a month with her help"

          Annique Q wrote:
          "Applied to a job with the resume she helped produce, have now received a job interview from that    job. So pretty much instant results from her resume" 

          Trent H wrote:
          "Got calls from several different places I applied within week's. Even one place that needed a qualification. Now i am currently employed thanks to this wonderful service. Highly recommended!!"

Jobseekers who have found this blog and email contacted me, or are members of a Facebook Jobsearch group who Private Messaged me

          Lidia emailed:
          "Wow, thanks Char. You covered so many things I hadn't thought about. I'll fix up my resume and make the changes you recommended." and "Am feeling re-motivated in my job search thanx to you."

          Sharon S emailed:
          "Your a miracle worker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I start my new Traffic Controller job with [deleted for privacy reasons] Monday. I'm gonna have money this year for Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

          Dawit private messaged: (Client who lives in Ethiopia!)
          "Your Ozzie advice is help in my country :-) Had job now. Thank you."

          A different Facebook Jobseeking group member private messaged following getting a Resume  Assessment:

An email from a client who gained an interview quickly...


To all my wonderful clients who've gone on to get jobs or are re-motivated in their jobsearch following reading my articles or using my services: Thank you so much for choosing Char Mesan Job Training to help you with your resume and jobsearch.  I'm so pleased you are getting (or have gained) positive results now!