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27 June 2015
Progress update
Working on my project has been very slow. The injury in my shoulder that has been causing me significant difficulties with typing and writing worsened. I've still been able to help jobseekers with their resumes, but I've even had to cut back on some of that.

But, despite the extra challenges, I am inching forward at snails pace. I MISS writing articles and actively engaging with jobseekers at the level I used to. Surgery will correct the problem - just need to progress through on the hospital waiting list!

29 October 2015
2 Video-based Online Courses Released
The first 2 courses that I created for The Savvy Jobseeker Academy have now been released. The first is a FREE course, entitled, What TYPE of Resume Do I Need, which you will find the link to on the Free Resources tab. The other is a full resume writing course for jobseekers who have identified that they should use the Functional Resume format. You can check out this PAID course here. More courses are planned, and I'll update this page to keep you up to date on what is happening.

13 April 2015
Project progress
I'm still working on my next project to help jobseekers to submit the best application they can so they gain work quickly, but it is now taking longer than I thought it would, as I have an injury which is causing me to experience significant difficulties in typing and handwriting (which I am receiving treatment for).

This same injury has prevented me from updating this site as frequently as I had been. But, rest assured, although I am (necessarily) 'quiet' on the blogging front because of my reduced ability to write and type and need to recover, I'm not disappeared completely - I have still been busily assisting jobseekers as much and as often as I can through writing and reviewing resumes, just needing to work around my barrier as best I can.

Life throws up challenges like this, doesn't it!

21 February 2015
Planning a new project
Now that I have successfully completed a large writing project, I'm embarking on my next one.

4 December 2014
Right Your Resume is published and available!
Ebook versions of Right Your Resume: Fix or Create your Resume Content so you Stand out and Impress the Hiring Manager are now available through Apple iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, Scribd, and Amazon Kindle (and other online bookstores).  The print version has had a slight delay and should become available in mid-December.  It is so exciting and rewarding to so many months of hard work become a reality.  Please head over to my book blog at http://rightyourresume.blogspot.com.au for more information, sneak peeks and bonus information.

8 November 2014
Book is almost ready for release!
Typesetting for the book is almost complete, and all going well is on track to be ready for publishing this month! 

3 October 2014
Cover Designed
Am really excited. The book cover has now been finalised. I'll release a sneak peak once we are a little bit closer to release date.

5 September 2014
Off to the Proofreader!
The resume course that I have been working on is written in 4 (though it could end up 5) parts.  Parts 2, 3 and 4 - the tutorial sections - are now written, self-edited and now in the hands of my editors for substantive and line editing.  I'm now working on writing Part 1, which is all the background information needed before readers start on the tutorial sections.  At this stage, I'm not sure if I will need a Part 5 for information needed after readers have completed the tutorial sections. I'm hoping to have the entire resume course book fully written, edited and ready for publishing by end of November.

13 August 2014
The Finish Line is about to come into sight!
Am going strongly with the resume course I'm writing.  Am now up to close to 70,000 words, and am just revising one section to make sure that I have covered everything I need to.  My goal is to complete the first draft by the end of August. 

26 July 2014
Halfway to Done!
On 26 June I opened a New word document and set it up.  On 27 June, I started writing the first draft of a resume course for jobseekers.  I am extremely excited (and proud of myself) because my word count has now grown to 48,500 words.  I still have a long way to go until I can write the words 'The End' and then start on the rewriting and editing phase (with the words 'The End' being the first that will have to be cut seeing as this isn't a fiction novel). But, I am really pleased with how it is taking shape.

11 July 2014
Best Success yet!
At 4.15 pm this afternoon, I emailed the final draft of a resume to a client looking to change careers, along with some suggestions on how the client could better word their cover letter. At 6.05 pm, I received an email back from the client - not to show me the cover letter for final check as expected, but to advise me that the employer has just phoned to invite her to an interview.  I was shocked - pleasantly.  Not at the quick result, but because I didn't think we were there yet and we still ended up with the same great outcome!

17 June 2014
A personal 'first'
I know it won't mean much to anyone else, but today I sent out my first ever email to subscribers - and it is quite exciting! Hope they like the contents.

12 June 2014
Job Application Tracker video
Added a fun, animated video to sidebar promoting latest product release.

10 June 2014
Job Application Tracker spreadsheet
Added two versions of my Job Application Tracker to product list.

23 April 2014
Updated Who Am I page
I have updated the Who Am I page to include more details about my background in being the person who culled applications from approximate 220 down to just three.

18 April 2014
Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  
Enjoy your long weekend break, and try not to over-indulge on chocolate -- I know I'll fail miserably on that!

5 April 2014
My Jobsearch Successes Journal
I have added another free template to the site. This time, a Jobsearch Successes journal, which you can print out double-sided to create an A5 booklet, which allows users to write down each of their small successes they get in their job searching, for reading during the bad days when 'unsuccessful' makes it difficult to stay positive and motivated.

1 April 2014
Happy April's Fool Day!
From advice received from a blogging expert, I've made a few changes to the site to try to make it a bit more user friendly. One of the key changes involves having removed the dates from within my posts as the information and advice I provide is aimed at being relevant, current and will, ultimately, withstand the passing of time.

I am still busy working on a couple of large projects, including the companion e-course for the D.I.Y Resume Content Builder, which I am pleased to say jobseekers are contacting to advise that they are finding a great help, even without the planned step-by-step instructions!

I also added another free template to the site.  This time, a Weekly To Do list, which allows users to write down all tasks that they need to complete, and has a tick box for when the task has been done.

Anyway, I hope you outwitted April Fool pranks, and that your jobsearch is going well!

16 March 2014
Ebook Cover and Sneak Peeks revealed!
The first of a few planned projects to be released in 2014 aimed at helping jobseekers is, excitedly, getting closer to reality, with today's reveal of soon-to-be launched 'D.I.Y. Resume: Content Builder Template' Ebook Cover, along with two screenshots of the resume builder template.

Back when I was new to the Employment Services industry, I created a resume template for when I needed to help jobseekers create a resume from scratch because I didn't like the company's Resume Proforma which didn't capture all the needed details, which soon became used by the entire office. Now that I'm back working for myself, I needed a means of capturing details when I am working with full resume writing clients, and created an updated version which I have now adapted the template for clients to use themselves.

I'm looking forward to release day - this week!

1 March 2014
Blimey! Hasn't the year flown by.
I have finished helping my business acquaintance fill their part time vacancy, but that little exercise put me behind in my work, so I've spent the last week playing catch up.  And I've had lots of full resumes and resume assessments to do, so unfortunately my writing time was eroded.  But now I can pick up and start writing a few more of my planned articles.  How are you going with your jobsearch?  Are you having the success that you want?

17 February 2014
Position Vacant
I am helping a business acquaintance fill their part time vacancy. My role is to advertise the vacancy, do the pre-screening and then help the employer with their interviews - so for the week 17 Feb to 21 Feb I will be a bit on the quiet side here at my blog, but rest assured, I will be back as soon as I can be!

26 January 2014
A new Freebies page has been added to the site.  The Jobsearch Action Plan Worksheet can now be found on this page (as well as in the original post article).  A new Tutorial on How to Use Bullet Points has been added.

13 January 2014
Char Mesan was reading a book on Social Media for the Char Mesan Reviews blog when the idea suddenly dawned on her that the growing trend to create Infographics would be a great idea for jobseekers... and the term Resumegraphic came to mind - only, it was only after creating a Resumegraphic for a jobseeker did Char Mesan discover that someone else (a Graphic Designer) is also using that term. 

And here Char Mesan had thought she had made up a unique term! 

3 January 2014
Exciting new project underway!
Over the Christmas / New Year Principal Char Mesan came up with the idea for a new project which she hopes to release to Job seekers later this year, and which has excitedly progressed from initial concept to 'in production'.

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