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Many jobseekers apply to jobs using the WRONG TYPE of resume. This short video-based course will teach you about the different types of resumes, and will guide you into choosing which is the right one for your personal background and job type.

Don't spend months needlessly getting knock back after knock back, make sure you have got your resume right!

Enrol right now in:  Which TYPE of Resume do I Need? It's FREE!


To Do list
Printable 1-page Weekly To Do list template.

Successful people always have a goal and take actions daily to achieve them. Having a list of what you still need to do is a great tool in helping you stay on track with your goals.

Write your plan using the Jobsearch Action Plan template, and then write down each of the smaller tasks that will help you 'work your plan'.

Printable 2-page Jobsearch Action Plan

As a jobseeker, your goal is to gain employment.  But there is so much to do and learn in order to be successful in your jobsearch.

This Action Plan allows you to record your main goal plans, and give yourself deadlines to achieve those main goals. Use in conjunction with a Daily or Weekly To Do list, and you'll see how productive you are within your jobsearch. Keep at it, and you'll be employed before you know it!

Printable 2-Page My Jobsearch Successes Journal

Jobsearch Success Journal
Sometimes, jobsearching can be an upsetting and frustrating process.  But, in order to help you get through those bad days it helps to see that your jobsearching isn't quite as bad as you image following receiving yet another 'unsuccessful' result.

This Jobsearch Successes Journal allows you to record the small successes you gain during your jobsearch journey.  Use it each time you have a small success, and then reread your journal when the going gets tough!

Short-bite Tutorials

How to Insert Bullet lists into your documents points: 
* help make reading text easier
* allow you to skim read
* break up lengthy sections of text

They are perfect for use in resumes.  This one-page tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to insert bullet lists in Microsoft Word.

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