Who Am I?

Char Mesan is a Contract Job Search Trainer, working with Employment Services providers. She helps long term unemployed develop skills and overcome barriers to gain employment by coaching, mentoring and training them to submit quality applications and perfect essential interview skills, and gain a positive attitude. Her favourite aspects of this often challenging role is consulting with participants, overhauling resumes and teaching new jobsearch skills.

Char Mesan is also a Writer, Proofreader and Business document template creator, has studied Typography, and has a work history in Business and Administration in the banking, real estate, and employment industries.

Char Mesan spent eighteen months in one of her employment service positions as the recruiting officer who received the applications, sorting through the stack and deciding upon which three resumes from the hundreds received for each of the positions being advertised she would hand over to her manager to complete the hiring process (interviewing the three candidates and deciding which candidate successfully gained the job). The average number of applications Char Mesan received for a single vacancy was around the 220 applications mark, and she generally had between 8 - 15 vacancies to manage every week.  You might think that sifting through so many resumes and cover letters to reduce the number of applications would be a hugely difficult task ... it wasn't. Sadly, Char Mesan found that too many applications received were 'off-track' or significantly below a basic standard that she was able to make an easy 'no' decision from nothing more than a 2-second glance at the resume or cover letter.

It is because of how many job seekers were getting it wrong that ultimately led Char Mesan to returning to running her own business and the reason behind starting this site.